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“We are an Accounting firm bridging the gap between Traditional Companies and the Start-Up world. We not only undertake Accounting and Corporate Secretarial work but also advice Founders on Shareholders Agreement, IP Deeds & Options Agreements. As your Corporate Secretary we ensure all your company related obligations with ACRA are filed. As your Company Accountant we ensure your Accounting books are up-to-date, Tax deadlines are met and company is GST compliant.”

The Number Crunchers will help you take that first step towards incorporating a business in Singapore. Whether you are a local individual setting up your first business or a foreigner seeking to expand to Singapore or an established SME needing Accounting/Book Keeping services we have all the necessary tools to make it happen quickly.

Our team with a combined accounting experience of more then 35 years, will not only guide you through the pros and cons of incorporation & compliance criteria, but will also file the necessary paperwork and ensure that your business is properly incorporated.

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